I feel —
I think.
I think you want someone who isn’t me.

You think you want me.
You do not.
I do not function normally —
I overthink and overanalyze.
I do not make myself clear.
I never know what I want —
I never make it clear what I want.

I am greedy.
I want everything.
I want all the options in the world.
So I cultivate them all.
I make sure that I can have what I want.
I am selfish.

I think you have a good heart–
I think you are a good person.
But you have a hamartia.


Your fatal flaw.
I can see it, but you can’t.
It will be your undoing, but you refuse to look.
You who have eyes, but do not see —
You who claim to see everything so much clearer.
You are blinded by your flaw.
You might love me —
You might think you love me.

Cannot process.


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