why she left

This year, thoughts of him didn’t cross her mind.
She’s busy these days;
The men in her life are cut from less-complicated cloth.
She chooses them more wisely now;
Asks them who they are, what they want.
“They all want the same thing.”
Only some of them admit it, and some don’t.
She learned that from him – to ask.
He could never answer.
It’s why she left.

This month, Valentine’s Day passed without him.
If he’d crossed her mind, it would have been
With a sarcastic twist of the lips
The dry humor of knowing he wouldn’t have remembered.
You know, if he had still been around.
He would have been with someone else that day.
He would never admit that.
It’s why she left.

This week, he was on her mind.
It was a bad week, and she remembered him.
She wanted to run, but that didn’t take her far enough.
Don’t look, don’t check, don’t go there.
But she went anyway, and he wasn’t there.
He’d never been where she needed him to be.
He would have tried to explain that.
It’s why she left.

Today, he’d left her mind again.
She was relieved to know she was back to normal.
As normal as life ever got.
It was the middle of the day when she figured it out.
Suddenly she thought of the watch, with the beautiful inscription.
The only time he remembered in six years.
He never knew how important those words were to her.
It’s why she left.

Today is his birthday.




Inscription: “In that book which is my memory, on the first page of the chapter that is the day when I first met you, appear the words, ‘Here begins a new life’.” -Dante Alighieri


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