we saw christmas lights
so we walked through the doors
saw all the lonely people
out on the dance floor

we entered the room
he leaned in and said,
that’s your ex in the corner
so I turned and I fled

but he caught me by the arm,
said don’t worry, I’m here
I’m sure it will be fine,
you haven’t seen him in years

we crossed the room,
took you by surprise
and for a long moment
all I could see was your eyes

I could hear my own breathing,
it felt way too loud
until his hand touched my waist
and I remembered the crowd

I introduced you to him,
then ran out of words
because it was then that I noticed
you were standing with her

she’s the one, I guess,
the one I could never be
but you could have mentioned her
when you were kissing me

we kept the conversation short
and I was ready to run
but it was then that I realized
that this could be fun

you weren’t the only one
with a new lover in tow
so I kissed his cheek
and saw your eyes follow

when we left the party,
I finally felt free
because now that I’ve seen you
you aren’t haunting me


One comment

  1. tossedgames · December 6, 2015

    beautiful 🙂


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