Yesterday the moon glowed in the sky
now it huddles in its sparkling blankets
and hangs against the indigo ink
hoping not to be extinguished.

Yesterday a touch meant comfort and warmth
now it’s the cracking of bones and teeth
fingertips crumbling to ashes
and blowing away, dust on the wind

Yesterday laughter rang like twinkling bells
now it simply mocks,
rasping against the tears
like cruel sandpaper on a still-pink scar.

Yesterday was all logic and physics
now smoke is set to simmer and boil
while water droplets spatter
born from the tips of flames

Yesterday the grass grew tall in the breeze
now the earth has been scorched
leaving only a wasteland of
ashen wishes without space to move

Yesterday there was enough air
now the walls are closer together
moving in like a predator for the kill
constricting everything but the memory of you


One comment

  1. Kunal Thakore · November 26, 2015

    Wow! Well done!


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