A word on poetry

Before posting some of my recent work, I feel like I must defend myself.

I am not a poet. I know absolutely nothing about poetry. I really wasn’t a fan of poetry at all until recently, because I still had it in my head that poetry was a bunch of rhyming nonsense.

Since discovering berlin-artparasites, however (and if you like poetry and/or original artwork, check out their page on facebook), I realized more and more that poetry can be anything; it can take any form, be written in any style, come from any emotion, and it certainly doesn’t need to rhyme.

Upon seeing some of the truly breathtaking (and that’s a word I use sparingly) works of poetry and art on their site, I felt inspired to write a few pieces of my own. Out of nowhere, I felt like some knot of anxiety I’d been carrying around for years had suddenly been untied, and I could write about events and feelings and people in ways that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to.

There are some things, I think, that are too tough to talk about openly — at least until enough time as passed that it isn’t such an open wound. And poetry, to me, is becoming a way for me to talk about and think through some things that I always shied away from exploring before.

Anything signed Coki or CokiKay on this site is my original writing.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde


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